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INVESTIGATION NOTES ON THIS EVIDENCE --- Trillions of dollars of stock trades and direct payola bribes were exchanged using the White House as a broker and the United States Department of Energy as a stock market manipulation platform. Politicians turned the government into a cheap garage sale of cronyism! ---- This case affects who runs the United States Government and who profits from government decisions, a matter of many trillions of dollars. ---- THE EVIDENCE ITEMS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. ---- The following folders provide evidence of the corruption in categories. The illicit acts described therein all involve the same perpetrators. The evidence items specific to this folder category are at the bottom of this page: A.) AFGHANISTAN RARE EARTH CORRUPTION; B.) CASE DIAGRAMS; C.) DEPT OF ENERGY CRONY SLUSH FUNDS; D.) FACEBOOK META CORRUPTION; E.) GOOGLE ALPHABET CORRUPTION; F.) MASS MEDIA MANIPULATION; G.) NETFLIX NEGLIGENCE; H.) PATENT THEFT; I.) REPAIRING SILICON VALLEY; J.) SICKO TECH FRATBOYS; K.) SONY PICTURES CORRUPTION; L.) STANFORD UNIVERSITY INVESTIGATIONS; M.) THE CORRUPT SENATORS; N.) THE ELON MUSK REPORTS; O.) THE HOUSING CRISIS; P.) THE LITHIUM BATTERY LIE; Q.) THE MEDIA ASSASSINS; R.) THE POLITICAL BRIBES; S.) THE SAN FRANCISCO CORRUPTION; T.) USING SOCIAL MEDIA SITES TO SPY ON CITIZENS; V.) THE SILICON VALLEY DEATHWATCH ---- The United States Department Of Energy, Since November 2008, has been almost entirely used as a scam crony payola slush-fund to pay off political campaign financiers of White House insiders. In addition, the Dept of Energy is used as a gate-keeper to sabotage and stall the competitors to those political campaign financiers of White House insiders. It is political racketeering operating in plain sight! The cover-ups by the IG, AJ and DOJ are ENDLESS! ---- At a high level: Trillions of dollars of stock trades and direct payola bribes were exchanged using the White House as a broker and government agencies as a stock market manipulation platform. Politicians turned the government into a cheap garage sale of cronyism! This kind of crime illicitly and illegally manipulates the power over who runs the United States Government and who profits from government decisions which are a matter of many trillions of dollars. The act and veracity of this crime enterprise will be proven to the Jury. ---- Based on that assertion it will then be proven that: 1.) Plaintiff exposed and reported the crime to proper authorities through proper channels. ---- 2.) Some of those authorities used government resources to operate reprisal attacks against Plaintiff, using government resources to operate the attacks, as revenge for reporting the crimes. ---- 3.) The state-sponsored attacks were supported by the political campaign financiers of the government authorities in order to protect their payola conduits and stock market manipulations. ---- 4.) Over 40 harms, each to be detailed and examined in Court, were documented against Plaintiff by the actions of corrupt government authorities. ---- 5.) In a vast number of previous lawsuits, including one won by Plaintiff and his peers, it was proven that government offices infected with corruption regularly attack and harm citizens in reprisal. ---- 6.) The government, having been caught in these illicit actions, must now pay Plaintiff for his losses, damages, harms, back-pay fees and other compensation. ---- Plaintiff founded and owned a United States government-financed electric vehicle manufacturing company. His technology and metrics surpassed every: A.) price metric, B.) safety metric, C.) driving range metric, D.) national security metric, E.) debt Ratio metric, F.) non-bribery assertion metric, G.) 100% domestic worker hiring proof and EVERY other issue, which burdened Tesla and Fisker. Plaintiff worked as an employee and contractor for the USA. Tesla And Fisker were financed by the family and investors of Presidents Obama and Biden, as proven by Congressional investigators and email leaks. Government officials ordered attacks on Plaintiff, de-funding and reprisal because Plaintiff reported corruption at the White House, Department of Energy, and other government offices, and because Plaintiff's technology could obsolete the technologies that government officials were illicitly receiving bribes from via insider trading. The attacks and harms against Plaintiff used government resources paid for by taxpayers. ---- There are hundreds of millions of people in America. The same 120 of them are all involved in operating the same crimes and corruption including: the Sony Pictures corruption; the Afghanistan rare earth mine scandals operated through The Energy Department political slush fund that involves the lithium battery cover-ups (headed by Elon Musk); the Big Tech Brotopia rape, sex trafficking, bribery, exclusionism, racism and misogyny issues they were taught at Stanford University; The Facebook - Meta - Google - Alphabet - Netflix, et al, coordinated news manipulation and domestic spying that they engage in; the hiring of Fusion GPS - Black Cube - Gizmodo/Gawker assassins; the destruction of the housing market by their mass real estate manipulations; patent theft and industrial espionage; and the bribery of almost every politician all the way up to the Oval Office. ---- So, while the categories covered in this investigation may seem diverse. They are connected through an enterprise of criminality and illicit, coordinated operations. We list, by name, the 120 most complicit individuals organizing these crimes, in the evidence documents already submitted to the FBI, FINCEN, DOJ, FTC, SEC, FEC, Congress, InterPol and other authorities. Digital financial tracking of those persons and all of their family members should be assumed to have been under way for some time. Wire-taps and device taps of those persons and all of their family members should be assumed to have been under way for some time. ---- That’s right! Your public officials use federal agencies as dark-money laundering operations for their friends. ---- If you are a taxpayer: You suffered damages! ---- If you are an American business: You suffered damages! ---- If you are Democracy: You were broken! ---- If you were a tech mobster: You made out like a bandit! ---- This is how it worked. No public official wants these crimes to end because most of those officials profit from these crimes! --- Forget about any allegiance you might have to one political party over another. This is not about parties, this is about racketeering crimes! The Solyndra taxpayer, technology, financial and political disasters that began during the corrupt reign of Steven Chu and Jennifer Granholm at the Department of Energy typified the overt, organized crime, corruption and crony malfeasance of the public funds. ---- This trend was created via the back-door deals between 1.) the U.S. Department of Energy and audacious kick-back schemes created by 2.) Silicon Valley campaign financiers and the 3.) White House. This is the story of the racketeering schemes and scams that set out to steal trillions of dollars of taxpayer cash, in plain sight, under the cover of a national “economic” or “health” emergency “stimulus” scam.---- IF YOU SEE CORRUPTION, REPORT CORRUPTION: Post a public web page with all of the details and evidence of the political corruption. Then invite all of the press, public, Inspector General's, FBI, SEC, FTC and law enforcement to that web page. This will prevent cover-ups and stone-walling and protect you from getting ignored! Never assume that the agencies that are supposed to help you, will help you! *** CLICK THROUGH THE IMAGES, VIDEOS and DOCUMENTS, BY CLICKING ON THE TITLE IN BLUE ***

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